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Invited to hold a workshop at the edge of Lagoa da Ervideira as part of Floresta Viva Festival, our proposal involved using the closest and most abundant materials from Leiria’s pine forest for a building experiment.


After the great fires of 2017, Pinhal do Rei continues to undergo a slow cleaning and renovation. In the burnt forest gaps you can now see islands of stacked sticks left by the road to be transported


Using exclusively sticks collected from the ground for the building and the tension of its dome-shaped junction, we proposed to build with the workshop’s participants a shelter located in front of a small fishing dock by the lagoon. This was a building approach accessible to anyone, that allowed us to work on taking care of the landscape and celebrating the beauty of the forest.


Project type: Participative workshop/temporary shelter

Site: Lagoa da Ervedeira, Leiria

Date: October, 2019 

Duration: 1 day

Main project: Floresta Viva

Promotor: Câmara Municipal de Leiria

Design/Construction: Colectivo Til 

Photography: Colectivo Til, Pedro Ferraz

Collaborations: Gui Garrido.

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