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Collectivo Til is made of people from different backgrounds that share a mutual interest in material processes, co-creation, civic intervention and activism, as well as the importance of questioning the way we inhabit places.  




We transform spaces and places with temporary structures, performances and artistic objects, taking charge for both design and construction processes. When intervening in a place we search for new meanings by questioning possibilities, often resulting in open use, creative and critical appropriations through objects and experiences.

Creative Workshops

We conceive and develop inter-generational workshops that focus on the creative potentials of responsible materiality and circular economy. We build each workshop as an environment for sharing across different skills and knowledge areas, by working on methods of learning-by-doing.

Participative projects

We also develop collective processes of debate, reflection and construction of space and place. These can range from organizing debates and short events, from designing and constructing new spaces within existing places. Always starting from people's wills and needs, we try to make these projects opportunities for strengthening bonds between communities and spaces, as well as for the promotion of personal and collective agency.

Campanha Inaugural 14.jpg


Learning by Doing 

We believe in the importance of tried and debated creative processes, that are not afraid to make mistakes and detours, above all, that may be lived and concrete.

Democratic Processes (getting along without molotov cocktails, so far!)

With each new project we strive to promote freedom of use, thought and possibility. Our projects are before anything else listening processes, followed by long and tiresome discussions about what we hold in common and where we want to go. 

Collaboration (or how not to be a prick about what we know)

Experience has taught us that working our present demands contributions from many different forms of knowledge. We search for dialogues between different expertises and for experimental practices.

Responsible Materiality 

Given our pervasive political, social and environmental challenges we assume that every material, any kind of matter, has a life of its own that we need to learn to listen to and work with.

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