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“Campanha Inaugural” (Campaign of Inauguration) is a performance piece for three builders and a drummer (Pedro Marques) in seven acts. As part of the cultural project MAPAS, the performance was developed to appropriate seven spaces in the city of Leiria, inaugurating each with a piece, a commemorative plaque and a red ribbon cutting ceremony. The performance’s various pieces remain in place and can be experienced by anyone at any time, aware or unaware of the project. Composing an urban circuit, these pieces invite people to wander and dialogue with some of the fragments of urbanity’s lost spaces. 

campanha inaugural.jpg
colectivo til - Campanha Inaugural 3.jpg

“Campanha Inaugural” is an urban excavation process that mines for places, spaces and ecologies habitually invisible to the city’s everyday.


The process involved tracing the same paths that script our urban daily lives, only this time looking sideways, for what is beneath a road, in the shade of an urban plan, behind the views, to what is left behind without people noticing it was left. 

Campanha Inaugural 11.JPG

The continuity of space is a myth, the existence of something like the “city” a cloud, but the pulse of nameless matter, that is a reality. Through vulgar paths we tried to signal and inaugurate these urban material actions as “proper” places. The oblivious heritage of urbanity, celebrated in its raw, unforgiving and festering wounds.

Campanha Inaugural 4.JPG
Campanha Inaugural 15.JPG
Campanha Inaugural 22.jpg
MAPAS Dia 03-07-2020-92.jpg

Project type: Installation/Performance

Site: Leiria

Date: June, 2020

Duration: 1 dia (3 semanas projecto)

Promotor: M.A.P.A.S.

Design/Construction: Colectivo Til

Photography: Colectivo Til, Idalécio Francisco

Video: Casota Collective

Collaborations: Pedro Marques (bateria)

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