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At the closing of the project "Uma Casa Com Todos" we sought to expand the participatory processes of material transformation into the city space, taking the school project into the public space of the city. We made an open call for interest to which several students responded. During a week we worked with this group to create a new piece that, on one hand, represented the project and, on the other hand, created an original intervention at the festival A Porta, thought and built by the group itself.

casa dos elogios11.jpg

Starting from a discussion of what it means to create a space that can integrate everyone, the group imagined a place specifically made to receive and give compliments, a "house of compliments". Besides being a process of confrontation with the other open to the unexpected, the idea was to promote a ritual of affirmation of difference.

With our support, the group planned and tested the prototype of this space, through free design and theatrical simulations of its scale and function. Using the techniques already practised in the "Houses" installed in each school, through simple wooden cuts and fittings, as well as the use of used milk cartons for the roof, the group designed a small mobile structure that allowed several people to come together face to face.

Within a couple of days, the structure was cut and assembled, the milk carton tiles painted and applied and soon we were in the Municipal Library finishing the new "House". In the end, people accepted the challenge willingly and in a short time the house became a place of exchange between festival goers and local people.

Type of project: Art and Community; Public space intervention.

Site: Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes e Biblioteca Municipal Afonso Lopes Vieira, Leira. 

Date: 2022

Duração: 1 week

Global Project: Casa Com Todos

Promotor: Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes, plano Nacional das Artes, Festival A Porta.

Concept/Design/Construction: Colectivo Til, group of students

Fotografia: Colectivo Til

Colaborações/Parceiros: Município de Leiria, Plano Nacional das Artes, Festival A Porta, Somapil - Sociedade de Madeiras de Pinho, Lda.

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