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Inserted in the context of the Plasticidade exhibition, developed by the Museum of Leiria, which presented us with an extensive and detailed history of the plastic cycle, the main goal of this workshop was to raise public awareness of the transformative capacity and the multiple forms of this material.

ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_02.JPG

The workshop consisted of cutting used high density polyethylene objects into small pieces, then melting and fuse them in an oven into new objects, creating plates and moldable shapes.

ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_12.JPG
ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_01.JPG

These recycled plastic plates were then used as the base material for the participants’ creations, as covers for notepads, containers, among other small experimental objects.

ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_13.JPG
ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_14.JPG
ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_16.JPG
ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_15.JPG
ColectivoTil_Ciclo do Plástico_17.JPG

Project type: Participative workshop

Site: Museu de Leiria, Leiria

Date: May 2019 

Duration: 2 days

Global project: Exposição Plasticidade – Uma História dos Plásticos em Portugal, Festa dos Museus

Promotor: Câmara Municipal de Leiria

Design/Construction: Colectivo Til 

Photography: Colectivo Til

Partners: Micronipol

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