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MAPAS is a project on wheels, conceived at the height of the societal lockdown of 2020 under Covid-19. It was thought as an itinerant event that, from street to square, to ally, it brought concerts, talks, plays and workshops to various neighborhoods across the city of Leiria.

The challenge presented to the collective was to make this itinerant festival possible from a Nissan Cabstar van of 1982.

Carinha GIF Opção 22.gif

The van needed to be transformed into a platform for various activities, while possessing its own identity. Our proposal was to convert it into a sort of swiss army knife of cultural events, making it interchangeably a concert stage, meeting place, art gallery and workshop.


This involved designing a new structure, flexible and light, using the existing structure of the Nissan van. The new structure was conceived as a simple metal frame that would fold and grow as necessary, within the van’s spatial limits.

From this new frame a canvas worked as membrane for the different spatial transformations of the van.


In the end, the van took the role of a transformer, as if it was a package on wheels that, when unwrapped, would open up a concert, talk, workshop or cinema.


Type of Project: Instalation

Place: Leiria

Date: May/June 2020 

Duration: 3 weeks

Umbrella Project: Projecto MAPAS

Promoter: Associação Flamingo Imbatível

Design and Construction: Colectivo Til

Photography: Colectivo Til, Idalécio Francisco.

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