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The Nascentes project, promoted by the association CCER MAIS, proposed five installations in the Liz river spring, in the village of Fontes. It developed these installations through five artistic and transdisciplinary residencies. Initiated by a discussion on contemporary problems connected with the territory of the spring, each residency brought together a social scientist, two artists and two musicians, during five weeks.


Developed in an open working environment of co-creation, each installation sought its on place and experience in the spring’s landscape.

Til Collective was invited to work as co-producer of the project by conceiving and building the scenography for each installation, in the process supporting the artists in their co-creative process, while developing the technical support structures necessary for the project. Each group of artists, as each new discussion and collaboration, generated different ways of meeting the spring’s landscape and imagining its artistic experience.


The challenge was twofold. On the one hand, how to make the scenography part of the artwork, on the other, how to make this attention to the particular generate a common language and identity for the project. A dialogue between the material reality of the spring’s landscape and the new materiality of the art pieces suggested burnt wood, following the Shou Sugi Ban method, as a common language through which to translate placeness and difference, while tying the various experiences to a common feeling.

The plasticity of burnt wood was adapted to each artistic piece and its intervention in the landscape, namely by assuming a language of modesty, made of small gestures, almost inexpressive, while making the strong aesthetic of burnt wood common.


The result of the project was achieved in a group of small objects, structures and signposts that framed each artistic installation in silently present aesthetic path along the spring.


Type of Project: Production of artistic event; spatial intervention

Place: Fontes, Leiria

Date: April/May 2021

Duration: 5 weeks

Umbrella Project: Festival A Porta

Promoter: CCER Mais

Design and Construction: Colectivo Til

Photography: Colectivo Til, Idalécio Francisco.

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