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Following on from the Gira Comigo project, we were invited by the Inpulsar association to return to the Cova das Faias neighbourhood to develop a short-term activity involving the community.

With the knowledge and relationships we had created with the neighbourhood in the previous project, we came up with a new work proposal that involved building a workshop bench dedicated to reconfiguring pieces of damaged objects into new ones.

Colectivo Til_Oficina das Peças_9.JPG

The small number of sessions we had available served to create the tools and conditions to promote the participants' autonomy. The aim of the project was to leave these new possibilities for the future in the neighbourhood and in the Giró Bairro project.


Piles of discarded objects and materials accumulate on the outskirts of the neighbourhood, which we set out to explore together with the participants, using them as raw material for our workshop.


We believe that these discarded objects/materials are a stronghold of one of the pillars of the relationship between the outside communities and the Roma community in the neighbourhood. Something that becomes effective in the sales at the markets where a large part of the community works, as well as in the toys and clothes that are donated to the association and distributed around the neighbourhood.


Type of Project: Art and Community

Place: Bairro Cova das Faias, Leiria

Date: January/February 2023

Umbrella Project: Gira Comigo

Promoter: InPulsar, Câmara Municipal de Leiria

Design and Construction: Colectivo Til + Participants

Members of Colectivo Til: João Gonçalo Lopes, Diogo Monteiro

Mediation: Ângela Damásio, Ana Rita Inácio

Photography: Colectivo Til, Joaquim Damaso, Ângela Damásio.

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