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During 9 days, living and working in the Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association of Padrão, colectivo Til got to know the village of Padrão, creating a partnership with its inhabitants.


Departing from the pre-existing intentions of the inhabitants of Padrão, the proposal of the collective involved creating two floating platforms, both of them living spaces over the water and both made of materials recovered from the warehouses of the Proença-a-Nova Municipality, but distinct in their presence and in their way of relating to the river.


Before that, to reach the river, the hillside had to be crossed by a new path that would allow people and boats to be delivered in a friendly way to the shore.


Despite the ambition, in 9 days wills and skills aligned, and the landscape was transformed in a way that only a group of people working and living together can do.

DJI_0215 copy.jpg

Through the lapping of the waters on the banks of the Ocreza River, human actions of a much greater and more remote dimension are revealed. The fishermen say that when the water goes down the fish move closer to the dam in search of oxygen. In Padrão, it was also up to us to be agile, attentive. And, whenever possible, to float.


Type of project: Comunidade e Arte; Intervenção no Espaço Público

Place: Padrão, Proença-a-Nova

Date: Maio-Junho 2022

Duration: 2 semanas

Promotor: Mistaker Maker | Plataforma de Intervenção Artística e O Bairro

Design/Construction: Colectivo Til, Nuno Sabino, "Tio" Sabino, Sr. Fernando, Sr. Diamantino, entre muitos outros e outras.

Photography: Colectivo Til, Mariana Vasconcelos

Support: Município de Proença-a-Nova, Associação dos Amigos de Padrão

Cofinanciamento: Centro 2020, Portugal 2020 e Feder

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