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The theme for this project departs from an existing desire on the part of Castro Verde's younger generation to create a skate park in a public space. We saw in these intentions the potential for participatory work, which could mobilise local inhabitants, as well as, promote the street as a testing ground for experimentation.


Inspired by the creativity of skateboarding in reinventing urban landscapes, turning the city into a playing field, the process involved researching objects that spoke of alternative and unformatted ways of acting in the public space.

Using materials harvested from the municipal yard and the eco-centre, we aimed to respond to the needs of local skaters, as well as promoting the intersection of different referential universes. The objects have been designed so that they can be moved within the square, as well as to other places in the town, where they may find new meanings and uses.

Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_15.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_14.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_12.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_13.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_1.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_8.JPG

Unlike familiar objects, the uses of these structures are not clear or coherent. Their ambiguous nature is intended to keep their meaning and configuration open to interpretation and reinvention. It will be up to each person to create their own vision, playing and revealing new possibilities.

Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_11.JPG
Colectivo Til_Castro Verde_Futurama_10.JPG

Project type: Arts & community 

Site: Praça da Liberdade, Castro Verde 

Date: 2023

Promotor: Festival Futurama

Concept/Design/Construction: Colectivo Til + Local skaters

Members of Colectivo Til: João Gonçalo Lopes, Guilherme Rodrigues, Lara Reis, Ivan Brito, Diogo Monteiro

Local Skaters: Diogo Tomé, Claudio Anastácio, Ivan Silva

Curatorship and construction assistance: Jesse James

Production: Ana Ademar, Filipe Prata, André Alves, Claudia Alegre

Photography: Ana Margarida Costa, João Gonçalo Lopes, Jesse James

Partners: Câmara Municipal de Castro Verde

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